Day Spa – Gear Up For Summer

A day spa is different from a medical spa or cosmetic surgery clinic, but they still offer services that can get you ready to bare some skin this summer. While the other two facilities offer surgical and more invasive types of procedures, a day spa offers to relax and pampering services that offer a temporary but non-invasive solution.

If you have a special event coming up this summer, like a reunion or fabulous vacation, a day spa can get you and your skin in tip-top shape. Here are some of the more common services you can find and what they can do for your skin:

* Body Polish, Wraps and Mud Packs-Body polishing is an overall exfoliation of the body and then moisturizing. It gets rid of the dull dead skin and reveals the glowing new skin underneath. Wraps and mud packs use specific ingredients that help pull out impurities in the skin, slough off dead skin and hydrate the skin with much-needed nutrients. The overall effect is healthier tighter skin.

* Massage-This service is good for any time of the year, but it can also get you ready for summer. Massage provides relaxation as well as unclogging the body of toxins that have gathered. Drink lots of water after your massage to flush out these toxins. This leads to an overall healthier and happier you which mean that your skin will also look healthier.

* Tan application-Someday spas offer self-tanning services where they either paint the self-tanner on you or they airbrush it on. Either way, it is a safe way to get that summer glow!

* Facials-Just like the rest of your body, your face needs to tender loving care after the harsh cold of winter. A facial rejuvenates the face with moisturizers, aromatherapy, and massage. These treatments not only brighten the skin, but they can stimulate collagen production which improves elasticity and plumpness.

* Waxing-This treatment can remove unwanted hair in those strategic areas that you only show during the summer. Particular, waxing is effective to get your ready for a bikini! It is a quick way to remove the hair with no recovery time or special instructions like laser hair removal. And, one treatment is all you need.

* Cellulite Treatments-Even thin people have cellulite. You know the dented, dimpled, cottage-cheese looking part of your leg, tummy, and other areas. A machine using suction and massage helps break up and redistribute the fat deposits causing the dimpled look under the skin. Massage is also good for this. Remember, it just reduces the appearance; it doesn’t get rid of cellulite.

* Pedicures-Well, summer is sandal season so you need to get your tootsies ready too. A pedicure will remove all the dead and tough skin that has collected throughout the winter, moisturize the area and then add some color to the toes. It is the finishing touch to any summer wardrobe.

Before you choose a day spa for your services, check out the facility first. Does it have the atmosphere you are looking for? Is it clean and quiet? Also, you want to make sure that the massage therapists are certified as well as the aestheticians. You can be hurt if untrained people are working on you, so safety first. Glowing skin and relaxed-you are ready for some summer fun!